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Welcome to Auto Scrap Recycle, your trusted partner in scrap metal and copper & brass & wires recycling. Call us now for a quote!


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Do you have Scrap COPPER?

Top Scrap Copper (Metal) Brass Cable Prices. Australia


Fast growing, Australian (privately owned & operated) Non-Ferrous recycling company, we specialise in recycling scrap copper, scrap brass, scrap wire/cable scrap, copper coils & copper radiators, Batteries, & any kind of Brass Copper  .

We specialise in a free pick up service, (Minimum Weight Required) . We have trucks that can come to you, anywhere in MELBOURNJE & surrounding areas or you can book a pick up for anywhere in MELBOURNE VICTORIA​.



Cash for copper, – we collect and pay for all types of scrap copper:

We are fast growing and 100% Australian-owned scrap dealers. We specialise in recycling scrap copper, copper coils, copper radiators, batteries and all kinds of unalloyed/alloyed copper.

  • Copper scrap from copper smelting

  • Copper scrap from mechanical processing

  • Old copper scrap from machinery equipment and instruments

  • Cаѕh For copper

What is copper?

Copper, “the red metal,” is one of the most electrically conductive of all the metal elements.
While its electrical properties, in combination with its ductility and malleability, have helped copper to become an integral component of the world’s telecommunications. It has an aesthetically pleasing red colour (that easily oxidized to a gritty green patina) that also makes the metal a favourite material of artists and architects.

We Collect All Types Of Scrap Copper:

We are a very proud scrap dealer. We specialise in metal recycling; scrap copper, copper coils, copper radiators, batteries and all kinds of unalloyed/alloyed copper.

Cash for copper. Are you dealing with copper in your job?

You may be working with wires and copper metals at your work in your daily job; such as what an electrician will do. You might have spare wire and copper metals  left over from a job. If you can collect this copper, you can make extra income by selling it to us. You can contact us at any time, we can do the pickup and leaving you at ease. We pay you cash for copper.

Are you looking to make some extra money? Selling copper can be a great way to do just that. Copper is one of the most valuable metals on the market and it’s easy to find copper scrap for sale. But before you start selling copper, there are some important things you should consider.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand how copper recycling works so that you get the best price for your copper scrap. Knowing what type of copper scrap is worth more money will help ensure that you get top dollar for your metal recycling efforts. You also need to know where to sell your copper in order to maximize profits – whether it’s through local businesses or online dealerships. Finally, understanding safety measures when handling copper is essential not only for yourself but also others who may come into contact with the metal during its sale or transport process.

Types of Copper

The first step is understanding the different types of copper scrap available on the market today. There are two main categories: copper pipe and copper wire. Depending on which type you have, the value and price will vary as each has a different grade and purity. Copper pipe is typically recycled in bulk and noteworthy for its copper alloy content, whereas copper wire is mostly sold as a commodity because of its purity. Knowing the difference between these two copper scrap types can help you get the best price for your copper.

Finding a Scrap Metal Buyer

You’ll also need to know where you can sell copper scrap. You have the option of selling copper scrap to a local business or online dealership. Local businesses usually specialize in copper recycling and can offer competitive prices. However, it’s important to verify that they are credible and properly licensed by your state before selling copper to them. Similarly, copper scrap dealerships online will provide you with an estimate for copper scrap, but you should always double-check reviews and ratings before engaging in business with them.

Tips for Safe Handling of Copper Metal

Finally, copper scrap can be hazardous to handle and transport if not done properly. Always wear protective gloves when handling copper scrap and make sure that it is stored in a secure, dry place during transportation or sale. Additionally, make sure to follow any copper recycling regulations implemented by your local government. By taking these safety measures into account, you can ensure that copper scrap is handled in a safe and responsible manner.

Sell Scrap Copper in Indianapolis Today

Selling copper scrap can be an easy and lucrative way to make money but it’s important to know what to consider before doing so. Knowing the different types of copper scrap available as well as where and how to sell copper can help you get the best price while remaining safe.

Now that you understand what to consider before selling copper, it’s time to start making money! call us now 0412293176


I'm Rachel. I was actually very stressed our with the scrap which was luying around my house then i found out Auto Scrap Recycle who help get rid of my waste & also paid cash for scrap they bought from me.Thanx

Myself Griffith & i will surely recommend Auto Scrap Recycle to everyone as they are really good at removing scrap metal & paying cash great job guys keep it up.











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